107 W Johanna

Austin, TX, 78704
New Construction
LP Financing


107 W Johanna is a beautiful three-unit residential project offered by the award winning team of 360 Degree Construction and Baron Custom Design. The property is just steps away from all of the excitement of the SoCo neighborhood. By designing the site to support three smaller homes, the developers have made it possible to live in South Congress without the restrictions of an apartment building. 


Located in the vibrant and eclectic South Congress neighborhood, 107 W Johanna St is surrounded by an abundance of amenities, including trendy boutiques, acclaimed eateries, lively entertainment venues, and picturesque parks. The area’s charm and energy make it a magnet for residents and visitors alike, ensuring strong demand for properties in this locale.

107 w johanna st overhead map


Building permits have been approved and issued by the City of Austin for the construction of three residential units on the property at 107 W Johanna. This will include two duplex units on the front half of the property and a standalone single family home on the back portion of the site.

Liquid is working with the developers to raise capital for the project at 107 W Johanna St by issuing a zero coupon bond for the project.

Investing in the development of 107 W Johanna St presents a unique opportunity for growth and returns. By opting for a zero coupon bond, investors can benefit from a fixed 10% APR on 90-day minimum terms. This allows for efficient capital allocation towards the project, ensuring optimal resource utilization and maximum returns. 

With its prime location and promising development prospects, investing in this project through a zero coupon bond offers investors a secure and lucrative avenue to participate in the growth of the property market while enjoying predictable returns.

107 w johanna - 3 unit rendering


This multi-family-zoned property was acquired by the builder in 2019 with the plan to build two spec homes for sale. The site features several substantial heritage trees which restricts the potential unit count for the property. However, at the end of 2023, the City Council created a new density bonus for property owners in Austin. This development allowed for the addition of a third standalone unit at the back of the site which has now been designed and permitted. 

107 W Johanna St - fundraising begins


The 107 W Johanna site is more difficult to develop than it might at first appear. But there are advantages too. There is alley access on the East and South sides that will provide private access to the back house. Two heritage trees in the center of the site do prevent construction in those critical root zones, but they also create an organic divide between the front duplex and the rear unit. 

The result is three residential homes, each with private access and aesthetics. All just steps from the bustling SoCo entertainment district. 


Many of the designs created by architect of 107 W Johanna feature extensive private decks and patios. There is a real focus on seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. 1-7 W Johanna is no different. Each of the three units will feature a 3rd floor rooftop deck with neighborhood and downtown views. Expect to see premium interior finishes and appliance packages with all the bells and whistles. 



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