opportunity Zone Investment funds

Defer, reduce and potentially eliminate your capital gains taxes while earning quarterly cash dividends in Austin’s premier OZ funds.

Investor Prospectus


USDMe stablecoin acquisition

QOF II Acquires USDMe Stablecoin Project

Liquid’s QOF II has acquired USDMe, the 1-to-1 USD-backed stablecoin built by the opportunity zones industry. Expected launch date of Dec 1st, 2021.

lunar blockchain cryptocurrency investment fund

Lunar – a diversified blockchain investment fund

Cryptocurrency is the fastest appreciating asset class in human history. Future wealth creation will rely on how effectively funds and individuals deploy capital into blockchain assets and technology.

What We Do

Liquid helps investors place capital gains into real-estate assets in Austin, TX. We utilize opportunity zones to provide tax deferrals for all our investors. Our real estate investments are selected based on the greatest potential for income and appreciation.


If you have made any kind of capital gains, investing those gains in an opportunity zone provides you the ability to defer, reduce and potentially eliminate ALL of the associated capital gains tax. Eligible gains can come from the sale of almost anything including real estate, equities, stocks and bonds or even cryptocurrency. Liquid operates three (3) investment funds located in the highest growth areas of Austin, Texas.

1. Capital Gains Tax Deferral

Deferral of capital gains on the original sale up until the QOF is sold or on December 31, 2026, whichever comes first. The sale should have been made to an “unrelated” party. For this program, a shareholder who owned at least 20% of a corporation is a related party.

2. Reduction In Overall Capital Gains

For investor sin a qualified opportunity zone fund, taxable capital gains are reduced by 10% if the QOF is held for five years and reduced by 15% if held for seven years. If you’ve made a $100,000 capital gain, this could save you $10,000 over five (5) years and $15,000 over seven (7) years.

3. Potential Tax-Free Capital Gains

Capital gains within the QOF are tax-free if the asset is held for 10 years. That means if you are an investor in either of our QOFs, you have the potential to enjoy tax-free capital gains on the appreciation of our funds. 

Why Austin?

Austin, Texas is the world’s hottest real estate market. It’s also a major innovation hub with companies like Tesla, Facebook, Oracle and Dell calling it home.The opportunity zones that surround Austin provide some of the best potential tracts and properties for opportunity zone investors.

Liquid is aiming to provide the best-performing QOF and QOZB in the country. But before we get there, let’s start with becoming the best oz fund in Austin.

Austin, TX is the ideal location for OZ investors to deploy capital for both income and appreciation. Join the mission by investing your capital gains with Liquid and help us re-build Austin.



All of our new construction projects are funded by syndicates of individual investors using private capital. Balance your time and risk with higher preferred return or more back-end upside. Sound interesting? Contact our funding department.