Montopolis Final Subdivision Submitted


Our residential development at 1201 Montopolis Dr just took a huge step forward today with the completion of the subdivision application to the city.


The completed 1201 Montopolis Dr subdivision application can be found on the city of Austin’s website. It features the use of the city’s urban infill development tools to create three cottage lots on the site. Montopolis is one of the few neighborhoods that utilizes this development exemption as part of the neighborhood plan. As part of the subdivision process, we are now expecting to wait 45 days for final approval of the plat. During that time we will be finalizing structural engineering based on the designs by our architect.

Rental Product

When complete, the 1201 Montopolis project will include three large 4-bedroom new-construction townhouses. As live-work balance becomes more important to tenants, Liquid is committed to building a rental portfolio that serves the needs of the changing workforce. We are focused on increasing bedroom counts and designing workspaces into all our new construction projects


Our oz fund is seeking investors in the construction component of the 1201 Montopolis Dr project. Current estimates project the full construction cost to come in at around ~$1.15M and with a lead time of between 12 and 18 months once final plans are approved. Investing in the construction offers a unique opportunity for real estate investors.

Since most of the value add has now been achieved through the subdivision process, investors entering now would have significantly less risk exposure than a year ago. We are able to accommodate investors looking to spread risk across all our projects or who would prefer to invest directly in the 1201 Montopolis development.


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Final Thoughts

Although this is a huge step forward for the development, we’re now entering a difficult phase that will require capital and planning. But luckily, it’s almost over to the construction team who we know will create an amazing product at 1201 Montopolis Dr. 

Investor Prospectus