What can you expect when you invest with Liquid?


Despite our brief history, Liquid is developing a loyal base of repeat investors who are diversifying their holdings across our various fund products. What can you expect when you invest with Liquid? Hear directly from our opportunity zones and cryptocurrency investors. 

Strategic Flexibility

Lunar is an actively-managed, discretionary, quantitative cryptocurrency fund. Unlike traditional markets, blockchain trading is up and running 24/7. There are no weekends, there are no holidays. the industry moves as fast as any in history. To be successful in that environment requires the ability to predict macro changes and adapt an investment strategy accordingly. Not only can we do that at Liquid, but historically, we’ve produced excellent returns in the process. 

Invested a significant amount of capital (for me) with Liquid QOZ (predecessor to Liquid QOZ). New IRS guidance disqualified Liquid QOF I as an opportunity zone fund. This required Liquid to be liquidated and all funds returned to investors. In a short time, Liquid returned the original equity to me along with a 186% profit and a 10% dividend. Amazing results! The principal behind Liquid QOZ and Liquid OZ, I found to be very smart and capable. Given the returns that I received, I would invest again.

- Nick G.
I was quite pleased by my experience with Liquid QOF I. The fund was short-lived but very well managed, especially given the relative novelty and consequent uncertainties of Opportunity Zone compliance. I found the manager to be simultaneously accessible, personable, efficient and well-versed in business practices. Compliance risks for the QOZ aspects of the fund were fully disclosed up front. The fund did not succeed as a QOF but I was, nevertheless, well rewarded for accepting those risks. Liquid QOF I was straightforwardly designed to be an aggressive implementation of a QOF. Within the rules and guidelines available at the time, the manager sought to make maximum advantage of short-term investments for funds awaiting long-term deployment. While succeeding spectacularly in that effort, the manager also remained vigilant with respect to evolving guidance for QOF compliance…
- Tom E.

A+ Investor Communication

As an investor, would you prefer more information or less? At Liquid, we go out of our way to give investors access to real-time reports and data to better inform their decisions. Our new investor portal has all the documents you’ll need to start investing in our diversified cryptocurrency fund or our second opportunity zone fund.

It is such a bless to have worked with Liquid! The manager is a great communicator and keep investors informed on all steps during the investment and distribution process. I would recommend everyone who have extra fund to invest with the team!

- Rikki S.

Industry-Leading returns

During Q2, 2021, our first qualified opportunity zone fund, Liquid QOF I, returned a massive 6% quarterly cash dividend to investors. But things got even better in Q3 as we returned a 9% quarterly dividend. Annualized, that made the cash on cash return of Liquid QOF I 30% in 2021. But we’re aiming to beat that with Lunar and Liquid QOF II.

Lunar, which started accepting investor capital on October 1st, is currently projecting a 40% cash on cash return. While Liquid QOF II is targeting a 10x growth multiple during the ten year hold period of the investment. At Liquid, whether it’s OZ funds or blockchain we deliver industry-leading returns for investors. 

I have experienced a fantastic product in working with the fund manager and amazing returns. The fund manager is very receptive to any questions and responds quickly. He has a vast understanding and gives his priority to make the fund successful.

- Scott S.

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