Bitcoin accounts for less than 30% of the total cryptocurrency market. Digital assets outside of Bitcoin account for almost two trillion in USD value. 

Lunar Fund

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The Lunar Fund is predominantly driven by a discretionary strategy focused on yield generated from decentralized finance (DefI) and adjacent cryptocurrency assets. While Bitcoin retains its global position as the premier digital store of value, smart contracts and utility tokens hold the greatest potential for income and appreciation in blockchain.

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October, 1st 2021
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Fund Strategies

Staking Protocols

The DeFi revolution has seen the advent of blockchain products that attempt to replicate legacy banking functions. Staking refers to smart contract protocols that monetize time as per traditional Certificates of Deposit. 

Liquidity Positions

As online trading volume moves away from centralized exchanges and towards DEXs like Uniswap and Balancer, providing liquidity (LPs) to DEXs has shown the potential to deliver low-risk yield in the form of exchange fees. 

LP Incentives

To attract liquidity providers, many DEXs are offering LP incentives in the form of native exchange tokens. These non-fee LP incentives represent an additional revenue stream for LPs including Lunar Fund.

Coin/Token Releases

The blockchain space is innovating faster than any other industry. Early entry into token and coin releases provide for massive percentage portfolio growth. Lunar Fund selects new blockchain projects with moonshot potential. 


There’s no such thing as free money, except in blockchain. As a way to attract users, new cryptocurrency projects will often “airdrop” free tokens to their users or holders of other tokens with similar investment profiles. 


Consensus within a blockchain project is often difficult to sustain long-term. When a group of users breaks off in another direction, they create a hard-fork, a new chain and massive economy value in the process. 

Investor Prospectus

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