Opportunity Zones

Liquid is Austin's Premier Opportunity Zone Fund

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I have experienced a fantastic product in working with the fund manager and amazing returns. The fund manager is very receptive to any questions and responds quickly. He has a vast understanding and gives his priority to make the fund successful.

- Scott S.

Opportunity Zones have the greatest potential for growth in the US real estate market. At Liquid, we strive to deliver the optimal combination of cashflow and portfolio appreciation. 

Investor Prospectus

Diversified Assets - Quarterly Cash Dividends - Tax Deferrals


$50,000 MINIMUM





Why Opportunity Zones?

1. Capital Gains Tax Deferral

Deferral of capital gains on the original sale up until the QOF is sold or on December 31, 2026, whichever comes first. The sale should have been made to an “unrelated” party. For this program, a shareholder who owned at least 20% of a corporation is a related party.

2. Reduction In Overall Capital Gains

Taxable capital gains are reduced by 10% if the QOF is held for five years and reduced by 15% if held for seven years. If you’ve made a $100,000 capital gain, this measure could save you $10,000 over five (5) years and $15,000 over seven (7) years.

3. Potential Tax-Free Capital Gains

Capital gains from the QOF are tax-free if the QOF assets are held for 10 years. That means if you hold your shares in Liquid QOF II for the full ten year cycle, you’ll be able to cash out all the gains in our real estate and startup portfolio tax-free.

The World's Hottest Real-Estate Market

Austin, TX

“The median list price for homes in the Austin area was up 24%, year-over-year, as of December 2020 — the largest increase amongst the nation’s 50 largest markets.” – BizJournals.com

Identified Tracts

Liquid QOF II is ready to deploy capital into carefully chosen opportunity zone tracts in Austin, TX. These tracts include East St Elmo, Montopolis, East Oltorf and Parker Lane.