Lunar – Q3 ’23 Report

In the third quarter of 2023, Lunar Fund continued to diligently pursue its diversified investment strategies within the blockchain-based revenue streams of staking protocols, liquidity positions, LP rewards, and token releases. 

However, during this period, the Fund reported a net loss of $239,586, resulting in an ROI of -47.93%. Beginning the quarter with assets totaling $460,120, Lunar concluded Q3 with assets amounting to $220,534. While these figures may suggest a challenging quarter, it’s important to note that blockchain investments can exhibit volatility, and Lunar remains committed to its long-term growth strategy. The Fund will continue to assess and adjust its portfolio within these investment verticals, striving for improved performance and profitability in future quarters.

Lunar’s dedication to providing accredited investors with exposure to blockchain opportunities remains unwavering, and the Fund is actively exploring ways to navigate the dynamic crypto landscape more effectively. We appreciate your trust and commitment as Lunar Fund continues to work towards delivering positive returns and value for its investors in the evolving blockchain space.