Lunar – Q2 ’23 Report

During the specified reporting period, we witnessed a transformative journey across various investment verticals. We started the period with earnings of $1,290,360 and concluded with $460,120. While the figures may show a net loss of $830,239.85, it is important to recognize that this period was marked by significant investments in diverse verticals, including staking protocols, liquidity positions, LP rewards, and token releases.

Our strategic diversification into these investment verticals has positioned us for long-term growth and resilience. Although our return on investment (ROI) for this period was -64.34%, it’s essential to view this metric in the context of our forward-looking strategy. Staking protocols and liquidity positions offer potential for steady, consistent returns over time. LP rewards and token releases, on the other hand, have the capacity to drive substantial gains in the future. 

We are committed to optimizing our portfolio within these verticals, and we anticipate a brighter outlook in the next reporting period as we harness the full potential of our diversified investments. Our team remains confident in our ability to rebound and realize substantial profits as these strategic investments mature.