Tim Howard


A graduate of UOW‘s Journalism program, Tim landed in Austin during the winter of 2012 as a corporate finance and communications consultant to OTC and NASDAQ listed companies. In 2018, he left IR Smartt to become the Marketing Director at commercial real estate brokerage, Asterra Properties. His real estate experience includes performing as one of the leading sales agents at Asterra during from 2018-2021 with a focus on new construction residential and multifamily assets. 

As an offeror, Liquid is his fourth private placement including the creation of a 55 member ($4.3M) cryptocurrency investment club in June of 2021. 

Tim is responsible for Liquid’s day-to-day operations including real estate acquisitions, project assessment, fund management and investor relations. 

David Comerford


David Comerford is the founder/owner and manager of 360 Degree Construction Company. 360 Degree Construction was founded in 2008 as a small remodeling company for personal clients and has grown into a development company with a goal of creating lasting, modern designs that continually evolve to reflect the ever-changing Austin real estate landscape. David went to Llano High School in Llano, Texas. He has a BA in English from the University of Texas at Austin

After college graduation, David began working for a framer that had previously taught framing instruction courses in New Zealand. This apprenticeship taught him the proper methods for framing and construction. Then David began working for Mark Brewerton, owner of Brewerton Construction. There he learned the management skills required to become a successful General Contractor.

After forming 360 Degree Construction Company in 2008, David worked with many clients, primarily in Central Austin, redesigning and remodeling existing houses with the intent of maintaining the visually integrity of the structure itself while also remaining cohesive with the neighborhood design. 360 Degree Construction then began working with a hard money lender to alleviate their backlog of foreclosures. This is where David gained experience with the potential mistakes and pitfalls that can lead to nonperforming loans. Today, 360 Degree Construction builds imaginative, quality spec homes that reflect the needs of the growing city.

Nicole Brown


Formerly of Letterpress firm company Sanctuary Design, Nicole brings almost a decade of print, graphic and interior design experience to Liquid. A graduate of Texas State‘s Fine Arts program, Nicole is responsible for brand development and her work can be found across all our portfolio companies. 

Griffen Goss


A soon-to-be graduate from the University of Texas in Economics and Philosophy, Griffen Goss has worked in commercial real estate, politics, and esports. Academically he has research ranging from Identity Metaphysics to United Nations Peacekeeping and has competed at the highest level of Model United Nations. In addition to this Griffen is a Division 1 athlete for UT and plays rugby alongside local Austin clubs. With 6 years of academic and applied research, Griffen brings a diverse background of experiences to the team and investors.