QOF II Acquires USDMe Stablecoin Project

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Liquid’s QOF II has acquired USDMe, the 1-to-1 USD-backed stablecoin built by the opportunity zones industry. USDMe becomes the fifth independent brand operated by Liquid as part of our startup portfolio. The company is currently projecting a launch date of Dec 1st.

Beta Testing

The USDMe smart contract is currently being tested by a group of 55 affiliated Ethereum users on the Kovan test network. The code being tested as part of this Beta is our fourth iteration of the ERC-20 smart contract. 

Independent Security Audit

While testing is taking place, USDMe is engaging an independent security firm to review the deployment of our ERC-20 smart contract. Results of that audit should be delivered in November. When available, the full audit will be published for public access. We will announce the auditor details at that time. 


The USDMe whitepaper will be available for download in the coming weeks. An update will be published on the website when that happens. 


Phase #1 of licensing was completed on November 4th, 2021. The next licensing update will be provided in 30 days from today. 


USDMe will not be available for purchase by the general public until Testing, Auditing, Whitepaper and Licensing are completed. Stay tuned for further updates!

Investor Prospectus