Liquid QOF II – industry leading OZ returns

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Liquid is pleased to announce the launch of our latest OZ investment vehicle Liquid QOF II. The fund aims to provides a series of increased benefits to opportunity zone investors including more preferential revenue splits than our first qualified opportunity zone fund.

Fund Highlights

Liquid QOF II is sometimes described as our Whales fund. Meaning that its most suitable for investor with significant capital gains income. Capital is deployed immediately from QOF II to QOZB II. Dividends are paid quarterly just like in Liquid QOF I, and Lunar, our cryptocurrency focused investment vehicle.

Fund highlights:

  • $500M Raise
  • $50K Minimum
  • Capital Gains Tax Deferrals
  • 80/20 Revenue Split
  • Quarterly Cash Dividends
  • 2% AUM Fee
  • Closes Dec 31st, 2022
  • Learn more about all our oz investment funds

Investor Suitability

We start Liquid QOF I to give investors with relatively small capital gains an investment vehicle that combines the tax benefits of the OZ program, with the income potential of blockchain assets and the appreciation of an Austin-based real estate portfolio. Liquid QOF I has just a $1,000 minimum. So who is Liquid QOF II suitable for? 

Investors with:

  • Capital gains income within the last 180 days
  • At least $50,000 in capital gains to deploy
  • Interest in a multi-asset oz fund
  • Interest in dividend paying oz investments

Income Focus

The vast majority of OZ Funds have 24-36 month timelines before reaching profitability. By contrast, Liquid’s oz funds have been cash-flow positive since day 1. How is that possible? Because our QOZBs are income-focused. We generate industry-leading returns and pay investors quarterly dividends (6% in Q2, 2021) from our operational income. Learn more about our methodology and how we’re giving income investors access to the OZ program. 

Can I Invest?

Liquid is currently conducting private placements for both our oz and cryptocurrency funds. If you would like information on the funds, please complete our investor intake form

Investor Prospectus