It’s BigPayDay and we’re celebrating!


Time’s up folks. If you don’t have an open HEX stake right now, you’re going to miss out on possibly the biggest single-day cryptocurrency giveaway in history.

At 7:00pm EST today, a massive amount of HEX will be given out to the staker class. At present, it looks like being around 184 Billion HEX. That’s in the order of $915M in new HEX being minted and given to those fantastic people who believed in the project enough to stake beyond BigPayDay. Congratulations to them!

What happens next?

Given the incredible price volatility in the past few weeks, it’s very hard to predict what will happen to the HEX price after 7:00pm. It’s likely that there will be a flash crash. But how far down and how quickly it will come back is anyone’s guess.

But what we do know is that this event will create a LOT of new millionaires. And at some point, those people will need to find a way to cash out their positions in the most economical way possible. That’s why we created HEX Properties. To give investors in the HEX Project a way to realize their capital gains and deploy them into real-world property.


HEX Properties is the joint name for our Austin Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOF) and Qualified Opportunity Zone Business (QOZB). Our objective is to make HEX Properties the best-performing OZ fund in the country by deploying the capital gains made by investors in the HEX project into opportunity zone properties in Austin.

A Home for Hexicans

Owners of HEX are collectively known as HEXicans. In the coming week’s we’ll be announcing the formation of a new home for HEXicans. A way to bridge the gap between blockchain investments and real-world impact investing in opportunity zones. Big things are coming! So enjoy your BigPayDay gains and then join us as we push towards 2021.

Investor Prospectus