How HEX will re-build Austin

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What is HEX?

HEX is a cryptocurrency project launched at the end of 2019 that monetizes time on the blockchain. It’s effectively a trustless certificate of deposit (CD) that pays a guaranteed rate of inflation to anyone with an open stake. As of today, HEX’s value is up 52x Vs USD, 31x Vs BTC and 16x Vs Ethereum. But unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, the value of the HEX project isn’t 100% in the potential for appreciation. There are multiple other profit centers that make it far superior to either BTC or ETH.

Trustless Interest

HEX is programmatically guaranteed to inflate at a rate of 3.69% annually. What does that mean for a person with an active stake? If you have an average length stake (min 1 day, max 15 years) you will receive interest of at least 3.69% annually. But it gets better than that. Because the smart contract pays a guaranteed rate of 3.69%, this inflation is paid to the Stakers based on the proportion of HEX that is staked.

So for example if 100% of all HEX is staked, then each average length Staker will be paid 3.69% annual interest, paid daily. However, if only 50% of all HEX is staked, then the same total amount of HEX will be paid to half as many Stakers and each Staker would receive 7.38% APY.

As of today, just 15.52% of all HEX is staked, meaning that Stakers are currently receiving 23.7% annual percentage yield (APY). This is the primary profit input for HEX owners and also the #1 reason to get involved in the project.

HEX pool return on investment

Big Pay Day

Big Pay Day (BPD) is the #2 reason to get involved in the HEX project. On November 19th of 2020, HEX will end it’s initial launch phase and about 183.703B HEX will be paid to the Stakers. If you want to maximize your gains (in HEX) from the HEX project, the way to do that would be to have an active stake open on November 19th of 2020. It could be for 5555 days or you could start it on Nov 17th. But either way, you want it open on November 19th.

If you open a Stake today, you can expect a ~700% gain on November 19th. This number is subject to change as more people open Stakes leading up to the BigPayDay.

HEX BigPayDay gains

HEX Vs Certificates of Deposit

Is it Trustless?No. You must trust the Bank.Yes. It's an immutable smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.
Is it anonymous?No.Yes. It can be using ZK Snarks.
How much are Stakers paid when others incur penalties?Nothing.Yes. 50% of all penalties are paid to the Stakers.
What is the interest rate?Variable. Rarely above 3%. Min 3.69% APY. Currently 23.8% APY.

Why Austin?

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The population rose a staggering 23% between 2010 and 2019. Austin is also a major a regional trading center and tech hub with companies like Dell, Facebook, Google, Uber and more all keeping large workforces in the city. Tesla recently started construction on a new Gigafactory just East of the Austin airport.

Housing is struggling to keep up with demand all throughout the city with new multifamily construction projects going up in every zip code. But the greatest potential for appreciation and income is in the group of opportunity zones that have been designated by the state government.

Developing new construction projects in Austin has been severely limited by the city’s outdated Land Development Code. So as of right now, the best way to deploy capital in the city is within the existing opportunity zones.

Opportunity Zones

An opportunity zone is a designated tract of land that encourages investment in real estate by providing tax benefits to investors. They were created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Investors can take advantage of opportunity zones by investing for 5, 7 and 10 years in order to earn 10%, 15% and 100% capital gains tax savings respectively.

Identified Tracts

HEX Properties has identified three census tracts in the Montopolis, East Oltorf and Parker Lane areas of Southeast Austin as being the most beneficial for opportunity zone investors. These tracts have the greatest potential for income and appreciation over the next 10 years.

Investment Objective

Our goal at HEX Properties is for each of our three funds to invest $50M in their respective census tracts before the end of 2026. That means over $150M in capital deployed to rebuild those struggling neighborhoods. If you’d like to get involved, please start by learning about the HEX project, then contact our team by completing the form on our investors page.

Investor Prospectus